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You May Travel The World And Never Find Another Place Like Balitopia

That’s because this butterfly park was built with a unique idea: we combine the best parts of Bali resort culture and comfortable upscale luxuries with the extraordinary beauty of butterflies and nature.

We foster curiosity and feed hungry minds, young and old alike with our state-of-the-art modern butterfly sanctuary -- and we also provide infinity pools perfect for a stellar Instagram photo!

Balitopia is simply the place where you take your family in Bali; the singular spot where both children and adults (and adults who are children at heart) will enjoy themselves immensely and equally.

Start Out In Our Butterfly Park…

Imagine: while your energy is still high and you’re not quite ready to plop down on a beach chair… What could possibly be better than experiencing the dynamic nature of Bali inside of our best-in-class 1,000 sq. meter butterfly dome?

Enroll your children in our children educational programs and take a leisurely stroll by yourself through the dome, enjoying the sight of over 25 species of gorgeous butterfly species.

With weekly butterfly releases, plaques to educate you, and multiple hands-on exhibits including tarantulas, lemurs and deer – this is the perfect way to appreciate the natural beauty of Bali in comfort and class.

…And End Up In Our Family-Friendly Beach Club, Flamingo Bali

Then, as you wind down and prepare for a lazy afternoon or evening, make your way into our beach club for extraordinarily flavorful drinks and food.

After all the fun you’ve had in our sanctuary, you’re ready to relax; we’ve got you covered. You can send the kids to play in our pirate-themed playground while you lounge around the infinity pool that juts right up against the ocean in our Saba Beach-front restaurant.

With our signature flamingo floats, you’ll even be able to have some high-spirited fun in the sun and take distinctive photos to commemorate your vacation in a lasting and memorable way.

Now… Can you imagine a better day-trip than THAT? Balitopia is a must-see destination for every traveler. Get your tickets today!

Balitopia Park
Balitopia Park
Balitopia Park
Balitopia Park

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